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spn_j2_bigbang 2014 art - Dry Salvages

Title: Dry Salvages
Author: kalliel
Artist: blueteainfusion
Genre: gen, mytharc!fic
Characters: Sam, Dean, orca!Dean
Rating: R
Warnings: nudity
Summary: The First Blade is at the bottom of the deepest ocean; Sam and Dean go get it. With the help of a little cross-pollinated magic, Dean undergoes an unusual transformation, for in the deep, there's more than a handful of origin stories that interweave and undercut the Blade's. As Sam struggles to reclaim himself in the wake of Gadreel's departure, he discovers that in the primordial sea, Heaven and Hell are not so far removed. And both might be clamoring his name.

However, with Dean faltering under the grim accretions of the last few years and the demands of his transformation, and Sam caught up in the impossibility of his own traumas (not to mention the return of an old temptation), it might not be Heaven and Hell that set the pace. From Kansas to Victoria British Columbia, they have 1600 miles to get their shit together or drown.

AKA the one where Dean is a whale, and Sam takes back Sam. Divergent timeline from 9x13 "The Purge."
Link to fic: here

Artist's Notes: This year I also have an incredible pleasure to work with amazing kalliel. Her story is seriously so amazing, go read it. NOW.


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spn_j2_bigbang 2013 art - All Your Instruments

Title: All Your Instruments
Author: kalliel
Artist: blueteainfusion
Genre: S6-based horror story turned pyrotechnic carnivalesque
Characters: Dean, Mary
Rating: R
Warnings: body horror, disturbing/grotesque imagery, lots of fire
Summary: A suicide mission against Hell leaves Heaven in shambles and the rest of world in ecological turmoil, as ocean temperatures spike and Heaven's ashes trigger volcanic activity in Alaska.  And all bets are off in Heaven, where memories are malleable, similes are no longer strictly figurative, and Castiel has organized an appallingly novice brass band to play his homeland's swan song.  Castiel and Mary investigate the circumstances surrounding Dean's death, but find that the autopsy of a suicide is no easy task.  Meanwhile, Hell's more artistic titillations have followed Dean upstairs, and he's disinclined to resist the inevitable.  Sometimes things burn.
And the carnival of the grotesque has Alastair's House of Reds on the grandstand tonight.
Link to fic: here

Artist's Notes: Well, it's been an absolute treat to be able to work on illustrations to kalliel's amazing story! Her writing is so imaginative and full of amazing ideas that the pictures just drew themselves! I had so many ideas for more art, sadly, this challenge came at the worst possible time period for me, so I had to settle for much less than I originally intended. Nevertheless, I'm sure my many future artworks will benefit from the inspiration I got from this surreal and very poignant story. I tried to not be obvious (just like the imagery in the fic itself is not obvious), but also had to do the justice to the piece - as the result, you'll probably recognize some other references :) Please enjoy!
Also, many thanks to the mods of this wonderful challenge - you're the best!


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It's aliiiive! Also, a 2011 TV meme.

First things first, an excuse: I've lost the hard drive in my main computer, along with all my favorite movies, photos, graphics, music and past school projects (so, goodbye the large part of my portfolio). I wasn't even that angry or sad, just resigned. Maybe it's just my thing, you know, destroy every electronic device I touch. That's what I guess happens when you download shitload of thing from the sketchy sources. Thank GOD I have all my current files on my laptop or there would be blood. Making back-ups as we speak.

So you see, I have sort-of reason for not being around much. I lurk always, but every post or meta I started, I lost with the rest of the disk. You can now imagine all the wonders there were! Reviews, vids, graphics and half written huge meta on Supernatural S6. I'm not sure I won't start it again, just because I see so much hatred for this season everywhere and I'd like to make a counterpoint. The only difficulty is that I basically suck at writing anything on computer, let alone in English.

In other news, our "so-undergroud-that-nobody-ever-heard-of-us" band broke up. Yeah - that was quick. Since we haven't got any fans, our concerts had been an attendance failure and the guys really hadn't written a new song for us since last year, that was to be expected. Still, I will miss it. To fill the void (ha!), I joined a folk band. Pretty friggin' far from my usual interests and I don't think I will stay there long enough, but at least I get to sing. I don't mind the colourful outfits, the archaic songs and the whole fokly shabang, but the boys are seriously annoying. And there's an air that screams "fake!" Fake smiles all around and people pretending to care about tradition. I don't know, I generally don't like folk music for a reason.

In-between rehearsals, school and my lonely existence, I watched tv shows. I don't have TV at home so I simply download or stream everything. Hope somebody from my family will clue in and get me BtVS DVD set for Christmas. 

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Thank God for my flist: Supernatural

Although I don't post often, don't comment often and generally I'm still quite a lurker around livejournal, it's a blessing that I got here. How else would I start watching Supernatural, if not for people I follow? It would probably take me a long time to force myself to give it a shot, because shows with almost exclusevly male cast - not really my thing. I crave strong female characters and starting Buffy a year and half ago (wow, it feels like I loved the series for many years now, it became such a big part of my soul) cemented this preference of mine. So I didn't expect much of SPN, just another show with monsters and people who hunt them. Instead, it's growing to be one of my favourite series, despite its flaws - but then again, I've yet to find one without them. Falling in love with all the leads was surprising for me, especially considering they're inclusively male. I adore all four of them; Dean, Bobby, Castiel and Sam - in that order (although only Dean squarely holds first place - the remaining three tend to shift, depending on my mood). The relationships between them are deliciously complicated and yes, disfunctional, but don't we all love it this way? I surely do. The writing is quite consistently good and although I could do without all the meta jokes in later seasons, it doesn't go below certain standards. Even the weaker episodes have some interesing and clever bits included and they never made me want to fast-forward the series. I only wish I wasn't such a spoiler-lover so I wouldn't know half of the twists before I even started to really get sucked into the story. Well, some people will never learn. Nevertheless, I managed to be surprised on some occasions and for me it proves the quaility of the series.

As I'm getting progressively busy with my schoolwork and other real life stuff, I obviously started procrastinating. This resulted in a poster for 5x22 episode "Swan Song". I realize it is an unpopular opinion (as I learnt lurking around the fandom), but I loved this ep. As usual, I knew the outcome but even with that, some cheap and manipulative montage worked on me anyway and moved me to tears. I rarely cry during tv shows (movies are completely different matter altogether), the only other exception being BtVS' "The Body", which was quite extreme itself, as you all know. Making this poster I tried to avoid spoilers and just aimed towards achieving the mood. Bear in mind I'm not an expert in cg manipulations, and if I could, I would make something very different - minimalistic. Well, maybe next time - there might be a series of these someday, although not all of the episodes. Probably only my favourites, with possible inclusion of those I'll get a cool concept for.

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Btw: is there something like 30 Days of Supernatural Meme? I'd love to do it! People could be waiting for the series to end, but it will take years and I lack the patience. (Hmm... I should do the Buffy meme first, I guess. Have to set my priorities straight)

It's a curse! I knew it!

Sad me iz sad.

All I did was trying to tune it, and the A peg just wouldn't stay in place... So I pushed it harder. Bad bad bad idea. Thank goodness I won't need my violin immediately, as I don't play regularly anymore... on the other hand, my negligence is what probably caused the problem. Abandoning it for a long time, not even checking if it was okay - it must have gone too dry and became fragile.

And exactly the day I want to sit and compose some tracks for our recordings, something like this happens. Maybe we are cursed. First, when I wanted to take some singing lessons - I get sick for the first time in years. Than, we play our worst gig ever, with temperature inside the place not above 10°C. I lose a new watch on my way to the rehearsal. I forget where out bassist lives (and I conveniently forget to take my phone) and another rehearsal doesn't happen. Now I destroy my violin AND have no money for the repair. Brilliant. There's some hope my parents will help, as my mother told me: "Oh, that's horrible, do you think you'll need another violin?". Of course I couldn't ask her for it, but chances are gluing won't cost a fortune.

I did threaten to start vidding!

The story's this: I started playing with Vegas Movie Studio a tiny bit, because I really wanted to make a Buffy vid. Then I came up with this cool (at least to me) concept for a kinda-not-very-Spuffy vid for Seasonal Spuffy, of course, because yay! I finished that fanart! Waiting a month to post it is a torture, hence my brand new vidding "career". I had it about halfway done and that was the time when I decided to check if anybody else happened to use this particular song... oops. I think I'm going to finish it anyway, my idea was different actually - however, I lost quite a bit of steam. Suddenly, a thought came: why not do a Marie Antoinette one? I know the perfect song!

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Update on my current work

 The new semester started today at my school so I decided to just go with it and update my underdeveloped lj. Poor thing, I didn’t even make a layout, just can’t get a decent inspiraton. Besides, it’s -13°C outside (hasn’t winter ended?), my flatmate hasn’t returned yet and I have nothing else to do. Maybe I should draw a little, got so many unfinished pictures to do, both CG and traditional – especially the traditional ones, considering my art teacher told me to finish my holiday portfolio already. It’s been two years… yeah. Maybe later(?).

Speaking of art, I signed up for Seasonal Spuffy! I got super-excited the moment I did that so I had my art almost finished the day after. As usual with us the procrastinators, it still requires some work but so far it turned out quite good, surprisingly. I’m not talking about the composition, because I vehemently suck at it, but I got Spike’s likeness, so yay for me, I say. Buffy is the trickier issue, I wanted her with her eyes closed and I’m not sure she really looks herself. Especially with her nose. You know how it’s easier to draw people’s faces that have strong, characteristic features than just traditionally pretty ones? The key to the latter is to get everything as close to original as possible and with SMG … it is hard. I’m not sure I will change what I’ve already got, but I suspect there’s something not right about the shape of her face too, but whatever. I simply want to finish the whole picture so I can waste my time deciding what colours it should have. The temptation to do something crazy is particularly strong, on the other hand, they may distract from the work I’ve done on the likeness of characters and I wouldn’t want that (I’m needy that way). On the other other hand, isn’t the overall look of the piece most important? Drama ensues. Anyway, as soon as I ‘m done with this post I will go back to drawing, just writing about it got me all inspired. Then I can do another one. Urgh, I can’t wait to publish it already.

Also, I recently got into vidding. Well, not recently exactly, as I had a soft spot for AMV ever since I started watching anime seriously. Remember that “Bachelorette” Utena video? Stunning – it was the first one I saw ever since I have the Internet. And now I’m exploring the Buffy side of vidding and I already have lots of ideas about the vids I could never make. It’s frustrating, how you want to release the energy but you just don’t have skills and/or motivation. I mean, sure, downloading the trial version of Vegas is easy. What is harder is to plan the whole thing, from start to finish – let alone actually doing this. But I remembered this awesome song which would fit Buffy arc in late S5 to S6-7 and maybe I just wish to see somebody else do it instead so I can watch and melt. The lyrics, the music… all perfect. Quite long though and that’s what is stopping me from committing to the job full time. Could I live with myself if I had it done halfway and let it lie there unfinished for years? I already have so many started pictures that I can’t finish because they got very complicated and demanding after I reached a certain stage. For instance, my Charlotte (from The Princess and the Frog) fanart which could be done long time ago if I wasn’t such a perfectionist and got stubborn about doing the background. Hell, if anyone’s curious, I can show it to you.

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See? Almost done but not complete without the mirror. Of course, one could be like “let’s assume that there is a mirror somewhere, the artist just didn’t have patience to actually draw it”. However, I’d love to earn some money on my works and I can’t really advertise myself with something this imperfect. That’s what my sister says, that it doesn’t have to be this polished all the time – and my rough sketches look better anyway (but I like kitsch… in my own works that is). Another thing I have to work on.

I wanted to rant about Skip Beat latest chapters too, but I’m saving it for separate post. Nobody seems to read it anyway so I should probably lj cut the entire post about it. Also, it’s going to be a rant. I find it harder to fangirl loudly about stuff I like than to rant about stuff that I don’t. Or like less. And Skip Beat is really… rant-worthy nowadays.

The last thing: we (our very underground band – so underground that nobody will ever know us) finally booked a studio for recording! In March! I’ve been waiting for it ever since I started singing. Now I’ll have a proof that we exist. Well, the boys have two EPs recorded with their previous vocalist but now I get to do it. Thank God I’m starting singing lessons this Thursday so hopefully I won’t embarrass myself. Which I do on regular bases, especially since we do a lot of concerts lately. I always complain about lack of any exciting stuff we could do and now boom! Concerts, recordings, new songs... It's getting so busy I'm starting to worry a little, with my new projects, let alone schoolwork. I better learn to organize my schedule.
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Buffy S8 issue 39 - huh...

 Well, I haven't read the issue myself, just read the spoilers. To be honest, I don't care much for the comics, the change of medium doesn't really work for me. It should be strange statement, considering I'm a manga girl, but that's the sad truth. The drawings are ugly, there are no actors to cover the plot holes with their awesomeness, the plot is uninspired and the pacing is just bad. I have to confess that I started reading season 8 starting with #34, the infamous spacefuck. Well, as I said, I don't care, as I decided finish my personal canon with Angel's NFA. There may be some amount of curiosity left in me, but it's just like following a mildly interesting fanfic/doujinshi. That said, I feel obliged to mention one recent development.

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Just get on with this reboot already, WB. You have my permission. 
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I used to have a blog, once. The times were different then - Internet was still a shiny new thing, kids used loads of glittering gifs and blogging was only starting to become immensely popular. I used to write a long, pseudo-philosophical notes about my life, books and comics I read and other various stuff. Mostly it was just to show off my hand-made layouts, which I was crazy about at that time (not that they were any good, mind you - I just loved making them. Still do). It wasn't very popular, probably because there wasn't anything really interesting - and I don't have great friend-making skills. Mostly, I just lurked around. I remember it lasted for about two or three years.

Than, as usual with my attitude towards anything, I got bored and forgot about it.

So, why do I start now? It's not that I wasn't in any fandom. On the contrary, back in the day I was a huge anime fan. I have a tendency to develop massive obsessions about series/books/movies/shows/etc. I'm enjoying at a particular moment, so it is no surprise that I participated in various forums, read blogs, reviews, metas... But I felt my presence was fragmented, spread between different fandoms, never complete. What's more, in most cases my fandom activity was limited to reading and generally speaking lurking around, never fully committing to anything. I decided to change that.

As of this moment, I declare that I won't be ashamed of things I like, no matter how childish they may seem for some (or me for that matter). This is a triumphant moment of the reintegration of my interests, hobbies and current obsessions. Have fun following it.
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